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Data Export

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Step 1: Export Data from Albridge Wealth

Step 2: Upload Your Data

To ensure that your data is handled with the utmost security and privacy, Pareto Platform CRM provides a Secure Data Upload Portalto transfer you exported data to:


Simply sign in with your Pareto Platform CRM username and password, upload your database file(s), and our Data Migration Team will then begin importing your data.

Step 3: The Data Import Process

Our Data Migration Team will review your data once it is received and assist you through the data import process. Depending on the integrity and complexity of your data, the data import process may take anywhere from two to thirty business days to complete. We recommend that you consider the steps provided in the section above to ensure the quickest and most efficient data import.

As every database is unique, our Data Migration Team will inform you of any potential issues with your data, provide you with an estimate on the required import time, and will reach out to you once the import is complete.

After the import is complete, we recommend that you review your data within Pareto Platform CRM to ensure that all information is displayed to your satisfaction. If you haven’t used Pareto Platform CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM previously and find the layout and interface difficult to adapt to, our Data Migration Team can help you organize your data in a more familiar format.

Feel free to contact our Data Migration Team at 1-800-732-2857

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