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Data Export


How do I export my data from SmartStation? Follow the instructions below for a successful SmartStation Data Export:

Step 1: Prepare the Contact data.

  1. Navigate to: Smart Station > Advisor Tab > My Book > Contact Search.
  2. Select the Contact Type field, select Client, select Search.
  3. Under Contacts select Select All.
  4. Under Selected Contacts select Send to Outlook.

Step 2: Prepare the Household data.

  1. Navigate to the Advisor tab > My Book > Analysis Workbook > Business Dev.
  2. Under Reports, using the Client Penetration subheading, select the Key HH/Account report link.
  3. Confirm the Filter Rep Code By drop-down menu and ensure the Rep Codes are properly selected.
  4. Retain Sort field as Assets and Granularity as Household.
  5. Click the Submit button.
  6. Select the View All Details button.
  7. After the page resets to display the details, select the Excel Icon in the report header to Export the data to an Excel spreadsheet. It will take a few seconds, and a pop-up button should display.
  8. Select Save button.
  9. Navigate to your Desktop, change the file name to lt;lastname>_Export.xml and click Save.

Step 3: Upload your data.

Visit https://dataupload.paretoplatform.com to securely upload your data to us. Once your data has been received, our Data Team will contact you and begin importing your data into Pareto Platform CRM.

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