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Mobile App Setup


Access From Resco’s Mobile CRM App

We recommend the free Resco Mobile CRM app for access on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile devices.

Step 1:

Visit http://www.resco.net/MobileCRM/app.aspx and follow the instructions to download the app, or search for "Resco" in your mobile app store.

Step 2:

Configure the app to access your organization’s data. To find the configuration window, look for a button that says "Sync", or an icon that looks like a refresh button:

mobile app refresh button

The button varies depending on your mobile platform.

It should display a configuration screen similar to this:

crm mobile-app sync screen

Use the settings below to configure:

URL: Enter the same URL (webpage address) that you use to login to the website, complete with the https:// at the beginning. Your URL will also be listed in your contact details e-mail that was sent to you when you first signed up.

For Example: https://smith.paretoplatform.com

User Name: enter your Pareto user name

Password: enter your Pareto password

When you have the configuration settings entered, click on the Enter or Login button or icon. (This button also varies from device to device.) The app should then start an initial sync of data from the CRM to your device.

For more detailed instructions on this app, please refer to the documentation available on Resco’s website.

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