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  • The Best CRM for Financial Advisors

    Pareto Platform CRM is customized for Financial Advisors based on the powerful and easy to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM interface.


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Pareto Academy For Practice Management

Pareto Academy For Practice Management
The Pareto Academy For Practice Management is an on-going coaching resource that provides financial advisors and their team members with proven strategies that are easy to implement – sequentially and predictably. A one-year membership in The Pareto Academy For Practice Management enables you and your entire team to implement strategies developed by the most respected authorities in the financial services sector. Learn more.

What is Pareto Platform CRM?

Pareto Platform is cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics CRM software customized exclusively for financial advisors, investment advisors and financial planners. After years of successfully consulting financial advisors on building trusting relationships with their best clients it was easy to conclude that most investment advisor CRM software were not adequate for achieving this goal.

We've integrated our actionable best practices and proven virtual coaching process into this unique CRM software solution to assist our clients with generating a steady stream of quality referrals in all market conditions, increasing their efficiency, and providing them with a better quality of business and life.

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