We offer one simple monthly plan that includes…

dynamics CRM pricing

per user
  • Online Training Resources and Webinars
  • Integrated Best Practices
  • Virtual Coaching Program
  • Mobile Access
  • 500 MB SharePoint Storage

* Reduce your cost by taking advantage of our referral program.
** SharePoint Storage plans available for additional storage beyond 500MB.
*** Enterprise solutions and on-premise solutions are also available. Please call 1-877-677-4585 for more details.

When comparing CRMs, be sure to consider the following:

  • Is the CRM customized to the unique needs of financial advisors?
  • Does the software use a familiar easy to use interface?
  • Is there a free mobile app?
  • Is the CRM based on an industry standard framework like Microsoft Dynamics or a riskier proprietary system?

We’re confident that Pareto Platform CRM is the best value for financial advisors.

β€œThe ROI from new business that will result from a CRM – never mind the implementation of financial advisor best practices and virtual coaching – makes this a no-brainer.”

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